About Us

Claire and Katie are sisters born and raised in Northern Virginia. Both have been ministering to girls for as long as they can remember. Most recently, Katie runs a Ministry called Little Women and teaches Chapel at a local school while Claire has her Masters degree in Professional Counseling and spends her days helping people understand about how the Lord made their brain and the importance of relationships. Together, they are passionate about training girls in the wonderfully unique way the Lord made them so that they can walk in the fullness of the His calling on their lives. 

Claire has the curly hair while Katie’s is straight, but that is only the beginning of the way they are opposites. 

Claire takes her coffee black, while Katie takes a bit of coffee in her sugar. Katie prefers speaking to large crowds, Claire has made a career out of one-on-one conversations. Katie loves cupcakes, over-sized sunglasses, the beach, and bright jewelry. Claire can almost always be found wearing pearls, loves baking, has a million plants, and has been known to run a half-marathon or two.  Recently, Katie and Claire attended a wedding together- Claire wore a black cocktail dress and classic pink lipstick, whereas Katie showed up in a highlighter yellow dress, hot pink pumps, and a necklace the size of Texas. That may tell you all the you need to know about our style and personality 🙂

But we both love Jesus. A lot.

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