Frequently Asked Questions

How do the videos work?

With the box, you will receive a link and a password so you have access to the six video lessons. The lessons include Bible teaching, and an explanation of how to do the craft and the experiment. 


What comes in each box?


Each box includes the supplies for 6 crafts, 6 experiments, the link to 6 lessons, coloring pages for each activity, and some extra goodies, shipped straight to your door!

How will we know which video to watch and when?

Each video will touch on a piece of the Armor of God, and we will go through them in the order the Bible lists them. The videos as well as the supplies will be clearly labeled. And you can decide when you want to watch them – once a week for 6 weeks? 6 days in a row? 6 in a day? Whatever works for your girl!

What is the Cost?

You can buy one box for $95, two boxes for $150, and three boxes for $200! 

Plus free shipping!  


What do I get for the cost?

The cost for the box covers all the supplies your girl will need for six science experiments and six crafts. The cost also covers the cost of packaging and  shipping as well as the cost of the video subscription and the teaching that will be included in each of the six lessons. We tried to keep it comparable to what we might pay for a bible study book and then access to the online lessons – but with extra fun bonus’ surprises designed to make the Word of God come alive for your girl!

Will my girls need help with the boxes?

Some younger girls may need help, but the videos instructions are clear and straightforward! Some girls may take longer on the lessons depending on how much they want to personalize their crafts, but we think that is part of the fun!


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